Corporate financing

  • Many small and medium-sized enterprises in all economic sectors are facing the ever-changing banking structure and the associated requirements in order to secure the urgently needed credit lines. And this is not because the company is professionally underqualified, but only because the preparation and presentation of the documents for the banks is not professional enough. ADIUVA works with specially tailored tools, especially for these companies..

Restructuring / optimization

  • In companies, the task of adapting the organization to changing circumstances, such as, changes in the market requirements, changes in the composition of the shareholders, changes in generations, etc.is essential. ADIUVA specializes in developing and offering solutions for companies in such situations.


  • Trainings are also part of the service package. For private and public education institutions, as well as in in-house seminars directly at companies, ADIUVA conveys the practical experience gained over many years.

Interim management

  • ADIUVA assumes operational mandates and implements the agreed objectives in consultation with the client.

Business start-up

  • The economic environment has led to the emergence of business start-ups on an ever-increasing scale. Not every founder has the necessary prerequisites to be successful as an entrepreneur. ADIUVA has know how to show potential entrepreneurs the way to their own company. We will deal intensively with the founder about his personal, economic and social expectations, as well as his business idea and openly develop opportunities but also risks. Of course, ADIUVA also has professional tools for processing and evaluating the required data in this business segment.